• TM1011001_1.jpg

    Rossini bed in walnut finish with ice 01 ecoleather upholstered bedhead. Chest of drawers, mirror and bedside table in walnut finish.

  • TM1011003.jpg
  • TM1011002rid.jpg

    This neoclassic style Rossini bed is carefully proportioned. The important upholstered bedhead goes hand in hand with an essential bed frame perfectly defined by sculptural feet.

  • EU18X13_bis.jpg

    Bed, chest of drawers, bedside units and mirror in walnut finish. 6-doors wardrobe walnut finish with 2 middle mirrors.

  • EU18X16_bis.jpg
  • EU18X20_bising.jpg

    Chest of drawers, dressing table and mirrors in walnut finish. Barrel chair with upholstered seat in beige fabric Dralon.

  • EU18X14_bis.jpg

    Leaf-door wardrobes, bed and bedside units in walnut finish.

  • EU18X07_bising.jpg

    Bed with wrought iron decor, bedside units and narrow chests in walnut finish.

  • EU18X05_bis.jpg

    Narrow chests in walnut finish.

  • EU18X09_bis.jpg

    Desk. Bookcase. Chair

  • EU18X23_bis.jpg
  • EU18X13_MODIFICATA-2_bis.jpg

    Eros bed covered with ecoleather pearl 04. 6 leaf-doors wardrobe with 2 middle mirrors.