• 03_1.jpg

    Bed, chest of drawers, bedside units and mirror in walnut finish. 6 leaf-doors wardrobe with 2 external drawers in walnut finish.

  • 01_notte.jpg

    Bed and bedsides unit in walnut finish.

  • 06rid.jpg

    The chest of drawers seems to comprise two elements with different depths and different uses: one with small drawers handy for holding precious and private things, and the other for the classic purpose of holding garments. These two functions combine harmoniously to create a decidedly important piece of furniture.

  • 07rid.jpg

    A small piece that does the job of organizing and tidying up the wardrobe. Its remarkable character conveys a sense of security to the daily rite of dressing up, assigning to the six drawers the responsibility of keeping the balance of established order

  • 10.jpg

    4 doors wardrobe with 2 external drawers and with 2 central mirrors.